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​Ann Marie and Terry first met on a blind date in 1973, and were married with one child by 1976.  That was the year that they started TAH Industries.  Terry had been working for the Koch Brothers as a chemical engineer, and had come up with an idea that he thought was novel.  As the story goes, he pitched the idea of a Static or Motionless Mixer to the brothers who promptly told him the idea was not worth pursuing.  So, Ann Marie and Terry decided to develop the idea on their own.  Terry quit his job and began tinkering in the basement of their rented farmhouse.  Ann Marie continued to work full time to support the new business and their growing family.  


By 1980 they had added two more children, and TAH Industries had moved out of the basement, into a rented factory in Imlaystown, New Jersey.  Ann Marie and Terry both developed the business, and over the next 15 years they had two more children (twins in 1993), and moved two more times to increasingly larger factories and employing more local talent.  Their five children also learned a strong worth ethic by working for the family business after school, on weekends, and as summer employees.


In 1996, Ann Marie and Terry decided the time was right to take the business to the next level, and purchased a business in Rushden, United Kingdom.  The family lived and worked in the UK until 1999 when they returned to New Jersey.  In 2007, they sold TAH Industries to Nordson Corporation, an Ohio company who continues to operate the facility in Robbinsville, NJ.  Part of the proceeds from the sale were used to establish The Horner Foundation.

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Ann Marie & Terry Horner


The Horner Family 

Summer 2019 

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